Service Levels


Our Service for delivery for confirmed order is within 24hours and emergency orders can be delivered on the same day. Having said that however back orders are a reality in the stationery business, to combat this reality we have systems to reduce our back order position to a minimum.

Stock Holding:

We carry substantial inventory, which is made up of over 5000 lines of stationery. Our stock is tightly controlled with stock levels to ensure optimum stock holding to service you, the client.


First Page Stationery L.L.C has a policy to sell stationery at competitive prices but without compromising on the quality of the products. To this end you will find all the tried & tested brand names on our shelves. We have a goal of offering a one-stop solution to your purchasing needs and to this end our basket of good consists of:

  • a) Office Stationery and Equipment.
  • b) School Stationery.
  • c) Printers and Printer consumables.
  • d) Computer Hardware/Software.

Our range however is only limited by your imagination and all enquires for specials are welcome.


Pricing in procurement is paramount and we have over the years established strategic alliances with our suppliers to ensure 3 things:

  • a) Continuity of supply and
  • b) Excellent pricing
  • c) Quality of Products

These three services allow us to go the market with complete confidence.