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5 Stationery Products Your School Going Kids Need

Going to a school for the first time can be an overwhelming experience for many kids – they could either be terrified or really excited for going to school for the first time. You could say a lot of encouraging words to the kids to prepare them for what lies ahead. But a great thing that you can do to a first timer, is have them stocked and ready with the right stationery products to impress their friends and teachers , thus giving them confidence to shine and help them learn everything brand new with fun and excitement.

  • Bag: Having your kid go to school with a fancy bag, full of pockets and spaces for all sorts of neat objects and stuff- including the lunch box and notebooks, makes it possible for them to feel that they have everything with them to face any type of situation that they may come across. The bag will come to define their personality as well, and there are several fancy ones in stores that are designed with so many characters from cartoon shorts, T.V. Soaps or idols that these impressionable young minds have already started to enamour.
  • Writing Items: Of course there are enormous options for writing – pencils, pens, crayons and as your child evolves psychologically his or her tastes in the types of writing items will change. Nowadays, pens are available as bold point, gel, glitter, and other materials as base ink. While crayons and colouring pens stimulates their chromatic imagination and pencils of course are their trusty companions to let them draw whatever comes into their vivid imaginative minds. Make sure you get your kid a right amount of these items, so as to make their school-going experience fun. Oh yeah, and get the erasers and sharpeners as they bring their own dimension to them while complementing the writing accessories.
  • The Pencil Boxes and Pens Pots: The pencil boxes and pen pots make great accessories. Kids often tend to lose their pens and pencils regularly or they lay them down on the desk, making a mess out of the study space. Gifting them the pencil boxes and pen pots are just the thing they need to get themselves organised; it will store all the stationary items that complements the writing paper and the word – eraser, pen, ruler, and sharpener. Like the bag, having the right pencil box and pen pot with designs resembling their idols or which matches their personality trait will give them a confidence boost as well as boost their appeals among the rest of the children in the class and the teachers.
  • Notebooks: Your kids need an identity to hold on, that is their name. It is very important in these formative years so that your kid develops a solid personality. Their identifier in the classroom is the notebook, which will bear their name and will give glimpse into their personality through their words, calligraphy, drawings and structure. There are lots of notebooks available for purchase with varied styles and themes, and you can select the right that suits our child’s personality. They come in different sizes and types – large or small, ruled or un-ruled, notepad or drawing – they are there to help your children to manifest their thoughts and imaginations into the canvases that is paper.
  • Desk Accessories: Your kids will have their study desks as their primary space where everything will transpire. It is important to teach to them to creatively use their vicinity, and you can do this by giving them with several accessories ranging from files and folders, sticky notes, envelops, stadium cups, and other essential items that they could use on a daily basis. These items will function as a means to their creative process and create a better and cleaner desk, making them have the mind- set to concentrate on their studies more.

But what is important to infer is that stationery items serve primarily two functions: as a utility item and an embellishment item. The first purpose is the major reasons why we give them to our kids, as they help them with the daily happenings of a school day, while the second reason is what makes your child unique and special; they will become an extension of your personality. If you want your child to have a pleasant and happy first-time school going experience, you should get them the right stationery items that will make it possible for them to be have one.