Why are stationary items so appealing to people?

Stationary Items have retained a particular aesthetic appeal in the hearts and minds of the people,they are bot decorative and as well as inherently useful. They have been around the house whereverwe look and we take great care keep them stored and safe in a special way, because we feel thatthey occupy a special place in our hearts. This capacity of stationary items can be attributed to a lot of factors, and this is exactly what this article will tackle.

  • Obsessive Compulsive – Yeah, that’s right, it can itself be a psychological issue, but not a full-fledged disorder, but a dependent habit, that is hard to break, and is quite rewarding for those who practice. People are obsessed with having the complete collection of thing; this might be a brand of pencil and its various versions; stickers of cartoon characters or even something as mundane as scotch tape; the people with this habit will revel in collecting the complete assortments and only will their desires be quenched.
  • Smell – The overwhelming aroma from one of those erasers are so stimulating to the olfactory, that we crave for them most intensely. They came in the most scintillating of smells, evocative of fruits and sweets and some of them which are truly ethereal. The same could be said of other items. For the adult living in the digital realm, having these things will evoke memories of childhood and conjure up an image of the people you might’ve missed.
  • Sight – This might be a stronger sense than smell, because after all, we are a living in a very visually stimulating environment. Combined with the first two factors, this will wreck your finances and wallet/purse, and leave nothing but moths flying out of it. Nevertheless, it will be a most rewarding thing to do: Collecting the bright and radiant types of pens, cards, erasers, all of them with additional accessories and in irresistible shapes resembling animals. This craving for the visual delightful is omnipresent in all art forms, but in the case of stationaries, it is relatively intense.
  • The thrill of writing and drawing – Though with the advent of software applications designed to help people with creating documents, draw and paint, change format, paper work seems to be heading towards extinction. But this is not the case though, because there are those who take great pleasure in writing and drawing in paper. They enjoy writing in different shapes something that is considered an art, doodling on your notebook with bizarre figures, making a list, plan ahead, keep a personal diary, but especially writing a letter and invitations for parties and wedding. These are the ones which cannot be replicated using a digital replica, but can only be really enjoyed when done in the physical form.
  • Tradition – But most of all perhaps, that it is a sense of tradition and continuation of a certain type of culture. This type of culture is a consumerist culture, where there is a lot of rewards for purchasing things, similar to the one that is developing, but those who practice it clings on to things that are losing its utility but, because of the postmodernism society, is valued in a most aesthetic sense.

Pens, pencils, stickers, tattoos, purses, wallets, diaries, greeting cards, letters, stamps, the lots; they are here not because they serve a particular purpose that can be replaced with something more efficient, but because they evoke greater emotions and have a come to represent something more than the object itself, it has grown to become a sort of culture, a niche, that is yet another in this very postmodern universe.