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How to Save up on Office Supplies

There is a genuine and spreading concern among many office HR’s and project managers about how much office supplies are being consumed without ever being recycled or reused for any other purposes apart from the one it was designed to perform. They are lying around, crowding the desk spaces and making an unholy mess of the office and ruining the aesthetic. This calls for the implementation of a system that will save the money on the purchase and management of these office supplies and will facilitate the recycling and the reusing of office supplies so as to build an efficient office.

1. Generic Supplies over Established Ones: Of course, a pretty amount of the items that there are for purchase would be from the firmly established brands, but it is a fact that the generic ones who aren’t relatively established will produce similar ones that have just as much as quality, but being sold at a significantly cheaper rate. Of course, this would not be necessarily liked by your brand-conscious employees, but making it a company policy would ensure their compliance.

2. Bulk Ordering: This means to order everything that is absolutely essential to the daily functioning of the office at the same time. This would entail items such as: paper, paper clips, binders etc. Such bulk ordering will ensure the continuous supply at anyone’s request throughout the month, and any surplus items would not go to waste, as these are absolutely essential things which can be used with the same frequency on any given working day in the office.

3. Ordering Online: Office supplies being sold online will quite often have significant differences, most notable though it will be in the price of the items that you wish to purchase. Not having to bore the overhead prices that the physical retail stores would have to bear, they can go for a considerably reduced price. Online shopping is an extremely efficient and quick, where delivery will come right to your doorstep, and this will give you the option of automated deliveries as well as the free shipping option when orders are done in bulk.

4. The Same Supplier: Purchasing a particular stationery supply item from a particular supplier will make it possible for you to build a good relationship with the supplier. Such a trust will ensure that the supplier will start to focus on maintaining this relationship; giving you alluring offers if you continue frequent this supplier for all future purchases. Combining this with bulk ordering would mean that you get instant notification whenever any new updates or items enter the inventory.

5. Limit the number of orders per person: This would ensure that there are no discriminate of the office financial resources for any arbitrary purpose of any random individual. When the duty of ordering the office supplies in Dubai is duly designated to a single individual, as well as restricting the purchase for a pre-determined date. There will be more organisations and awareness of how much, what all and who all. This will significantly reduce the amount of money and resources spent in the purchase of office supplies.

6. Audit & Log: This is the logical extension of the previous point. Once you are prepared to restrict the arbitrary purchases that are part of the spending activities of the employees, you will be naturally driven to take more conservative measures. Some of these involve the use of having to check whether the items that you are using are actually in fact being used to their complete potential or whether they are being wasted. Also, this means having to verify their usefulness to the business.

7. Keep a Check on Paper: Paper is without a doubt one of the most utilised office supplies inexistence. The amount of things this versatile piece of processed wood is used for is vast and this quality of it has made it an essential. But it is also subject to unabashed wastage, often amounts to thousands of paper per year. Now, with the dawn of the information, paper if still losing its relevance, but it’s only going to be phased out gradually, this would mean that it is not going out of relevance soon. Certain steps could be provided on how to reduce the amount of wasted paper one office has to incur:
a) Education and Awareness: Starting a campaign inside the office would real get things going.
b) Reusing Paper: Printer Papers can be done with both sides, shredded paper as a cushion for fragile supplies.
c) Of course, you can stimulate the noodles of the employees by having them being out their creative sides with the use of paper as a canvas or the basis for art.

8. Set an example: Of course, all these measures could amount to nothing, if there isn’t a leader. This leader, in the sphere of influence of an office, will be the HR or the Operations Manager. Just reciting a speech or giving a prep one would not cut it. Words are one thing, but actions speak louder. Someone has to step up and be a role model for the rest of the employees to emulate.